Is Silver a Good Investment

23/10/13 6:20 PM

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The easy answer to you question ” Is silver a good investment ” is an absolute and astounding YES!  Anyone who’s visited my site before can attest to my unwavering passion and belief in investing in silver bullion.   Your investment in silver bullion is one of the most important investments you can make going forward.  Taking into consideration today’s political, economical, and financial environment, you should preparing yourself for the upcoming storm.

Obviously, you’ll need to acquire more than just silver to survive, like guns, ammo, water and food.  Enough about all the other stuff, let’s get back to silver is a good investment.  Silver is real money.  Silver has been used as real money since the beginning of time.  Silver has value when other items lose theirs.  There was a time that many of you will remember when our U.S. Dollar was actually backed by precious metals.  There was a reason for this, gold and silver have real worth.  The Dollar symbol which is now ” $ “, used to have 2 vertical lines through it when the dollar was backed by gold and silver.  The 2 lines actually stood for ” units ” and the ” S ” stood for silver.  So the dollar represented ” units of silver ” , hence the early silver certificates.  Is it all starting to sink in now?

Is silver a good investment ?

I hope you’re staring to get the picture here.  Investing in silver bullion is a must as far as I’m concerned.  Do a little research on the web, read more of my posts, and you’ll see that some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet are acquiring gold and silver.  Don’t be fooled by what the popular news channels are trying to pump into your brain!  Take steps now to protect and grow your wealth.  Cash is useless paper, silver is a physical and tangible asset.  It can never got to zero.

There’s so many people becoming aware of the benefits of owning silver bullion that it’s actually getting harder to get your hands on the shiny metal.  You know what I like to say ” If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it “.  It’s absolutely paramount that you have physical possession of your silver.  You’re taking a big risk by having someone else, or bank control your silver.  It’s not safe!  Take possession, and hide it well.  I recommend some sort of safe to store them in.

I hope I’ve shed some light that silver is a good investment for you and your loved ones.  If you’re not sure on where to start your hunt for the investment of a lifetime, then I recommend checking out our Bullion dealer review page to see if any of these safe and reliable dealers fits your bill.


Jimmy H

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