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Me and my brother started this website close to 2 years ago with the hopes of educating the “common folk ” on the benefit of owning gold and silver. It continues to be our passion.

We don’t have unlimited resources, we don’t have a “high rise” office to work from, and we don’t really make any money from this site.

Gold and silver are a passion for us, and we’d like to continue to help inform our readers on what’s really going on in our beautiful country, but our lack of finances are making it extremely tough to keep this dream alive.

If you enjoy our articles and appreciate what we’re trying to do, then please let us know by making a donation so we can continue to spread this very important information to all those still in the dark about our economy.

Donations of any size and frequency will be greatly appreciated and go a long way in keeping this site up and running, and every little bit helps!

1000 Thanks
Jimmy H.