First iPhone and iPad App for Buying Gold and Silver

30/01/15 10:25 PM

Huge news for buying precious metals with your iPhone or iPad — CBMint has released the industry’s first precious metals e-commerce app! It is free to download and allows users to instantly buy gold, silver, platinum, and other metals directly from an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

Breaking New Ground in Purchasing Precious Metals from a Mobile Device

We heard about the CBMint App last week and downloaded it for free on an iPhone. The download was fast and it functioned without any problems. It has a bunch of features, including up-to-the-minute gold and silver spot price reports, a live news feed that reports news relating to the precious metals marketplace.

The main feature, of course, is the ability to directly buy silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and even rhodium, direct from your device. The prices are immediately locked in, and the entire purchasing process only takes a few minutes. We made a test order, using the CBMint App, and already received the 2015 Silver Eagles we bought. The functions of the App all work very fast, with none of the lag you sometimes find with bullion dealer websites.

Tbe CBMint App is the first in the industry, but they hit the nail on the head and developed a fully-integrated e-commerce App that works wonderfully.

The CBMint App is totally free and can be downloaded here or at the App Store.

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