Collect the Metric Chinese Pandas!

24/02/16 9:53 PM

As most bullion coin collectors already know, the Chinese Mint has made a drastic change for their 2016 bullion coin lineup. Instead of sticking to the imperial troy ounce system for coin weights, the Chinese have fully switched to the metric system for their wonderful series of gold and silver panda coins, with weights now appearing solely in grams.



The standard, one troy ounce silver and gold pandas are replaced with a 30-gram version, weighing slightly less (a troy ounce is roughly 31.1034 grams). Additionally, there are eight more versions of the gold panda and two more of the silver panda. All share the same basic design. The additional coins in the series are:


Gold coins:  1 gram, 3 gram, 8 gram, 15 gram, 30 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram, 150 gram, 1 kilogram

Silver coins: 30 gram, 150 gram, 1 kilogram


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