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06/02/14 2:24 AM


CBMint Logo
CBMint is an online coin and bullion store that sells physical precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium products. CBMint is based in Wisconsin and ships bullion products directly to customers.

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Bullion Products
CBMint offers a huge range of top-quality bullion products, including a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars. In addition to gold and silver, CBMint also has a bunch of great bullion choices in some more exotic precious metals, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They always seem to be seeking out new products to offer investors — for example, CBMint is one of the few bullion stores I have seen that sells rhodium bullion products to the public.

CBMint only purchases bullion products directly from mints and their authorized distributors, thereby ensuring complete authenticity as well as the highest possible product quality. All of the products at CBMint come sealed and protected, all the way from the original manufacturer. CBMint carries quality bullion products from the most famous mints in the world, including the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Perth Mint of Australia, Switzerland-based PAMP, NTR Metals, OPM, the Baird Mint of London, and many more. CBMint is great at maintaining a good stock of their existing products, ensuring quick shipping times.

Bullion Prices
CBmint was founded by a group of bullion investors who spent years hunting for lower prices, and they have carried that mindset into the CBMint bullion store. Because CBMint sources directly from mints and trading desks, there is no middleman. This allows CBmint to offer some of the lowest bullion prices online. They are always searching for and adding new suppliers to help obtain bullion products even more cheaply. Great for small buyers, CBMint also has extremely low order minimums — far less than most online bullion merchants.

CBMint has extremely tiny premiums on bullion products, especially for large orders. Amazingly, many of the bullion products on CBMint are offered very close to the actual spot price of the metal, meaning there is really nowhere else an investor could get the product less expensively. CBMint even is willing to offer discounts on customers who do not use a credit card and opt to pay by bank wire or check.

Payment Methods Accepted
CBmint is very flexible with payment methods and accepts three convenient types of payment. Credit/Debit cards are accepted with an order cap of $3,000. CBMint accepts bank wires and offers a 3% discount over credit card purchases. Bank wire payments are accepted up to $100,000, but larger orders will be accepted over the phone. CBmint also gives the same 3% discount to buyers who use paper checks, which are allowed for orders up to $20,000.

Shipping And Insurance
Adding to the already extremely low product prices, CBMint also offers completely free shipping to the continental United States, and has very low rates to ship products to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and APO addresses. For such deliveries outside of the lower 48 states, the rates are clearly spelled out on the website. Each purchase on CBMint is fully covered by insurance, securely packaged and discretely shipped to your indicated address.

CBMint Website Experience
A lot of online bullion stores just have product listings, images, and checkout options. Many of them have a difficult and confusing interface. CBMint differs in both respects. They have more detailed product histories and descriptions, additional pages that describe each precious metal in more detail, a glossary that explains some unfamiliar terms, and great customer support. I found them easy to reach by phone and email.

I strongly recommend CBMint over most of the other online bullion stores today. The first things I noticed were the really low prices on bullion products, so I expected customer service to be poor, product packaging to be sub-par, or the online storefront to be difficult to use. Instead, despite the low prices, I found that none of that was true. My products were top-quality, shipped quickly, packaged professionally and with discretion, and the CBMint online store was a joy to use. I’ve made both large and small orders with them, and I have received the same great treatment regardless of how much I spend.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this review. I certainly hope it helps you make sound decisions when you invest in precious metals.


Jimmy H

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