Bullion Dealer Reviews

Collect the Metric Chinese Pandas!

Feb. 24th 2016

As most bullion coin collectors already know, the Chinese Mint has made a drastic change for their 2016 bullion coin lineup. Instead of sticking to the imperial troy ounce system for coin weights, the Chinese have fully switched to the metric system for their wonderful series of gold and silver panda coins, with weights now appearing solely in grams.   The standard, one troy ounce silver and gold pandas are replaced with a 30-gram […]

A-Mark Precious Metals

Nov. 10th 2015

A-Mark Precious Metals just appointed Cary Dickinson as chief financial officer, starting November 9, 2015. A-Mark is one of the largest North American players in the precious metals sphere, yet few bullion investors are aware of this huge company. Who is A-Mark Precious Metals? A-Mark is a full-service precious metals trading company (AMRK) and is an official distributor for all major sovereign mints, such as the United States Mint. A-Mark offers bullion bars, coins, […]

CBMint Review

Feb. 6th 2014

CBMint LLC CBMint is an online coin and bullion store that sells physical precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium products. CBMint is based in Wisconsin and ships bullion products directly to customers. Ready to Shop? Visit www.CBMint.com Today for the Lowest Bullion Prices Bullion Products CBMint offers a huge range of top-quality bullion products, including a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars. In addition to gold and silver, […]

BullionVault Review

Nov. 11th 2013

BullionVault Review Origins BullionVault and its  service is owned by Galmarley Limited out of Great Britian and their main office is in western London, and came to fruition in early 2005.  In September 2008 BullionVault was elected into the LBMA, or  London Bullion Market Association, which represents the largest of the world’s physical bullion markets.  They have received many recognitions and awards since then.  They now boast of having more than 48,000 active customers from nearly 160 […]

Precious Metal House Review

Oct. 10th 2012

Precious Metal House is a bullion and numismatic dealer based out of Toronto, Canada.  They provide investors around the world with a reliable and secure place to buy, sell, and even store their precious metals at a very competitive price. Precious Metal House is always building partnerships with Mints worldwide to source the world’s finest bullion products directly and pass on our cost advantages to their clients. When it comes to storing your metals, their […]