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Christmas Specials on Buying Silver & Gold

Dec. 9th 2014
Find Christmas Deals when Buying Bullion Online!

Hey gang, it’s almost Christmas time! As I usually do this time of year, I shop around for specials on buying gold, silver, and platinum bullion. Some local dealers will run specials, but the best deals can usually be found online. All of the largest online gold dealers run some sort of special this time of year, some better than others. Buying Silver Coins from JM Bullion This holiday season, JM Bullion has been […]

Silver Hits 4 Year Lows

Sep. 23rd 2014

The price of silver per troy ounce has hit lows not seen in four years. Monday’s intra-day trading briefly saw the silver spot price bottom out at $17.30, well down from its 2011 highs. What Affects the Price of Silver? Silver, like any commodity, sees its price affected by basic supply and demand laws. When there is a glut of supply or weakening demand, the price of silver will fall. Conversely, when there is […]

Class Action Lawsuit Against Merit Gold and Silver

Aug. 14th 2014

Merit gold and silver, one of the largest online bullion dealers, has closed its doors after being hit with a class action consumer protection lawsuit in the state of California. Once considered a reputable online dealer, Merit gold and silver has long had rumors of shady customer dealings, especially preying on elderly customers with aggressive sales tactics. Merit Gold and Silver Scam The Merit Gold Scam was based around the bait and switch method. […]

Wide Selection of Silver Bullets and Shells Hitting the Bullion Markets

May. 15th 2014

The last few months have brought some pretty exciting new fine silver bullion products to the forefront. I have noticed a huge variety in the weights and sizes of silver rounds, and many new sizes of fractional silver bars have also been available. Probably the best new silver bullion product to hit the market, though, are silver bullion bullets. There are a few different refiners and mints that are making these silver bullets, but […]

Gold/Silver Ratio Still Extremely High

Apr. 8th 2014

Almost 13 years since the beginning of the commodities boom, theĀ gold and silver price ratio is still well above its historical average. The gold/silver ratio, or GSR, is an important tool for predicting the future movement in gold and silver prices. In the 100 or so years during which we have had accurate data, the GSR has always bounced between 15 and 100. This number represents the price of gold per troy ounce divided […]