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Collect the Metric Chinese Pandas!

Feb. 24th 2016

As most bullion coin collectors already know, the Chinese Mint has made a drastic change for their 2016 bullion coin lineup. Instead of sticking to the imperial troy ounce system for coin weights, the Chinese have fully switched to the metric system for their wonderful series of gold and silver panda coins, with weights now appearing solely in grams.   The standard, one troy ounce silver and gold pandas are replaced with a 30-gram […]

A-Mark Precious Metals

Nov. 10th 2015

A-Mark Precious Metals just appointed Cary Dickinson as chief financial officer, starting November 9, 2015. A-Mark is one of the largest North American players in the precious metals sphere, yet few bullion investors are aware of this huge company. Who is A-Mark Precious Metals? A-Mark is a full-service precious metals trading company (AMRK) and is an official distributor for all major sovereign mints, such as the United States Mint. A-Mark offers bullion bars, coins, […]

Demand for Gold Coins, Bars, Surges

Oct. 27th 2015

The huge July 2015 dip in gold prices had an expected consequence — demand for gold coins, bars and round exploded. This so-called physical gold is how many lower-end consumers invest in gold, as opposed to large investors who tend to treat gold more as a short-term hedge investment than a long-term investment. Quarter 3 of 2015 saw a 26% increase in the purchasing of physical gold coins and bars. Surprisingly, the trend has […]

Gold and Silver Prices Falling!

Sep. 15th 2015

Despite Monday’s rally, silver and gold prices are falling yet again, perhaps pushing down towards the low benchmark of $1,080 an ounce that gold set mid-summer. Physical demand for both silver and gold remain high, so why are prices continuing to fall? Well, one large factor is the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting, concluding Thursday, that will determine whether or not to increase the Prime Rate. Currently near zero, the Prime Rate is the rate […]

Why is the Price of Gold Increasing?

Jan. 16th 2015

This week has seen a surge in gold prices, with silver, platinum, and even palladium following suit. But what is causing the increase in the price of gold? European Bonds and Stocks Take Hit, Dollar Suffers The surge in gold prices can be directly attributed to a decision made by the Swiss Central Bank to end its three-year cap on the Swiss Franc. This has led most to believe that the European Central Bank […]