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Silver, also known as ” poor mans gold “, or ” golds little brother” has not received the praise and popularity of gold, yet can provide the same financial security and wealth opportunity as gold. Just like gold, Silver has also been a monetary metal since the days of old. Kings and Queens also stockpiled silver as a sign of power and wealth. Silver being cheaper than gold, was used for more of the day to day activities of the ” common folk”. Silver was accepted and used for the payment of goods and services among the less wealthy. The amount of silver in the earth was roughly 15 times that of gold, therefore silver was valued at about 1/15th that of gold. Back in the day, 15 ounces of silver had about the same purchasing power of 1 ounce of gold, and vice versa. Today, silver is only valued at about 1/50th of gold. This in itself makes buying silver a no-brainer, and the investment of our lifetime.

Buy Silver because Silver is money! Silver is still accepted around the world for goods and services. Silver is just as good as cash, and in many professional opinions, better than cash. Back in the day, the U.S. issued silver certificates as tender, because our notes were backed by units of silver, thus tying our paper currency to something of value. Don’t you remember that our original dollar sign was a single ” S ” with two vertical lines through it. This meant units ( plural ) of silver. Today we have the single ” S ” with only one line through it, because now our paper currency is not backed by units of silver, or anything for that matter except faith and good credit of our government. What a joke!

When you buy silver, you are actually buying real money with fake money. Mainstream media with the full backing of our government does its best to hide the truth about silver from its citizens. The silver market is incredibly small, making it very vulnerable and easy to lose control of. If the manipulators ( our government ) lost control over the silver market, the price of silver would skyrocket to its true market value. The fact that silver is real money and that there’s not very much of it would drive the world to want to get there hands on it. The physical silver market is so small that 1 incredibly wealthy person could buy up the entire lot of above ground silver in any one year.

Silver has a lot more going for it than it’s monetary value. Silver is being used in a variety of applications from solar and electronics, to photography, and even its medical uses are growing. With all the roles that silver plays, it’s getting gobbled up at an alarming rate, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Silver for investments will become harder and harder to find as sources dry up, so make sure to buy silver today!

When it comes to buying silver for investments, I recommend purchasing silver bars, silver rounds, or silver coins from reputable mints and dealers. Like gold, most investment grade silver is .999 fine. This is the purest silver you can get. Sterling silver which is used in jewelry and silverware is only about 92% silver, with the rest usually being copper. You can also save quarters and dimes minted in 1964 or earlier, as these are 90% silver, and make a great investment if you’re lucky enough to find them. Just like gold, silver’s value in dollars will continue to rise for the same economic reasons. Silver is way more volatile than gold, and its price swings will be larger, but the reward will be greater if you start buying silver now and use the dips in price to accumulate more. I do believe that investing in gold will provide profits and security, but investing in silver will make you wealthy. The potential upside in silver is astonishing, and I urge everyone to protect their family with real money. Silver will be king!

Please refer to other sections of this website to learn all you can about how to buy silver bullion, what types of silver bullion to buy, and where to buy silver bullion safely and easily. Take control of your own future right now. Time is running out to protect yourself. Buy Silver and buy it now!

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