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So you want to know more about how to buy gold bullion?

We all know that Gold is a shiny, illustrious metal that everyone associates with money and wealth. Since the beginning of time, Gold has been a store of value, a currency of the rich, and the jewelry of choice for kings and queens around the globe. Many wars have been fought and civilizations destroyed over this shiny yellow metal called Gold. We’re all familiar with the ” Golden Rule ” which quite simply implies: Those with the most Gold rule! From ancient Roman Emperors to the large Central Banks and Governments of today, this rule still holds true.

Gold is money! Most currencies of the modern world are tied to some form of a gold standard, or at least started off being backed by Gold. This is a secret that today’s leaders don’t want you to know. Knowing that Gold is real money gives you a distinct advantage over everyone that has not waken up to this fact yet. When buying Gold, you are actually trading in depreciating fiat ( fake ) money for real, tangible money. Yes, you can actually buy yourself wealth when you buy gold! This is Kryptonite to the world leaders that are trying to suppress and control you.

Besides it’s monetary role, gold has many applications due to its chemical makeup. Being resistant to corrosion, highly conductive,and very malleable, gold is used in everything from jewelry and decorative items to electronics and medicine. For the purpose of this website, we want you to buy gold for its monetary value and not for its ability to hang around your neck or wrist. Even though gold looks great as an accessory, it will look even better when our current financial system takes a nose dive, and you’re sitting pretty with a stockpile of real money on hand.

When it comes to buying gold for security and investment purposes, I recommend purchasing 24 karat gold in the forms of bars, rounds, or coins. Stay away from paper vehicles such as stock ETFs that just give you a claim to gold instead of giving you the actual gold. The reason for buying 24 k is because this is 99% pure gold with the least amount of impurities. The purer your gold, the more valuable it is. 18 k is only about 75% gold, and so on down the karat line. Most bars, rounds, and coins from reputable mints are labeled as .999 fine. This is as pure as it gets! This is what you should be accumulating to protect your assets.

The value of gold in U.S. dollars will continue to rise as the dollar itself continues to fall. When buying gold, remember that in the short term there will be price dips, or corrections. Don’t worry about these dips! Use these price fluctuations to buy more gold because in the long term gold will continue to charge upward. Gold has been in a bull market for the last 11 years and has no signs of letting up any time soon. Those that have become educated and started buying gold have seen their wealth steadily increase along with piece of mind that their family will be protected from any upcoming economic disturbances.

For these reasons, plus many more that I share on this website, I encourage everyone to buy gold. This website lets you know how to buy gold, as where as safe places to buy gold bullion. Buy as much as you can afford on a regular basis, and help educate your friends and family on the importance and benefits of buying gold bullion. This is a serious economic situation that we’re in, and time is running out to protect yourself. Take control of your own future right now. Buy Gold and buy it now!

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